1958 Rolex Submariner 5508 Gilt Dial


“The OG”

Case: The thick case is excellent showing average wear for its age. The black bezel insert is also in excellent condition showing some light wear for its age.

Dial: The newer service Swiss T< 25 glossy gilt dial is excellent showing some light speckling and speckling patina. The black is also beginning to warm to a dark brown hue. The lume has aged to a warm sandy hue and the hands have aged slightly lighter than the dial. All lume glows when exposed to UV and falls off rapidly at the same rate.

Bracelet: The nato strap is excellent showing light wear from use.

Accessories: None.

Notes: The watch does not pass a pressure test.

Inventory: ytn0

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Year 1958
Brand Rolex
Model Submariner
Reference 5508
Serial 361XXX