1969 Rolex Date 1500 Blue Dial


“Tropical Latitudes ”

Case: The 34mm case is excellent showing only light wear form use. Three smooth stainless bezel is also I'm excellent condition showing only light wear from use.

Dial: The blue dial is in excellent condition showing some light tropical patina beginning to form around the lume plots. There is also a tropical slice (Not a scratch) running from the edge of the dial between the 7 and 8 o'clock markers too just below the centermost. The lume has aged to a warm vibrant creamy hue and the hands match perfectly.

Bracelet: The 11 link oyster rivet bracelet is excellent showing only light stretch for its gae. The clasp is stamped with a 1970 date code.

Accessories: None.

Inventory: ydk0

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Year 1969
Brand Rolex
Model Date
Reference 1500
Serial 1936XXX