Rolex DateJust 1603 Stardust Sigma Dial



Case: The previously polished case is excellent showing light wear overall. There is a small indentation on the 11 o'clock lug with is a Portuguese import mark. The engine turned bezel is sharp and in excellent condition. The serial numbers are present but extremely difficult to read due to past corrosion.

Dial: The grey dial has a beautiful "Stardust" patina showing tones ranging from lavender to gold. There is some variance in the tonality of the lume plots but they have all aged to a warm creamy to warm sandy hue with the exception of the 5 and 8 0'clock markers which are missing.

Bracelet: New Grey Molequin strap.

Accessories: None

Notes: Though it's unfortunate that the serial is obscured by corrosion. That very same warm, humid environment that pitted and obscured those numbers is the same environment that aged and created such a stunning and unique dial.

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Inventory Number ycv4
Brand Rolex
Model DateJust
Reference 1603
Serial xxxxxXXX