1966 Rolex Explorer 1016 Gilt Dial



“Dark Forest Dial”

Case: Excellent case that has been polished in the past and shows light wear. The smooth stainless bezel is also excellent showing light wear.

Dial: Very Good glossy black dial with patina showing around the edge of the dial, most prominently between the 6 and 10 o'clock markers. The lume has aged to a creamy hue. The hands have aged to a darker sage hue. All lume glows when exposed to UV and falls off quickly.

Bracelet: New olive green sued strap.

Accessories: none.

Notes: Vines and swirling leaves draw you into the center of this deep glossy black dial.

Inventory Number: uiqm

Year: 1966

Brand: Rolex

Model: Explorer

Reference: 1016

Serial: 1506XXX