1963 Rolex PCG GMT 1675 with Underline Gilt Dial


“Gilt Underline”

Case: The excellent pointed crown guard case has been polished in the past. The fat font pepsi bezel has faded beautifully with age. The earlier caseback is stamped 1961.

Dial: The spider cracking pattern spreads evenly across the gilt underline dial. The tall puffy lume plots have aged to a rich creamy hue. The hands are newer tritium units most likely replaced in the late 60's during a service. The 6, 7, 8, and especially 9 o'clock markers have partial lume loss.

Bracelet: The 11 link locking clasp bracelet is very good with some wear from use and shows light stretch for its age. The clasp is stamped with a 1988 date code.

Accessories: None.

Notes: Underline x Swiss Only Gilt = Awesome

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Inventory Number ufs3
Year 1963
Brand Rolex
Model GMT
Reference 1675
Serial 696XXX