1963 Rolex PCG GMT-Master 1675 Gilt Serpico Y Laino Dial


“Serpico Y Laino ”

Case: The recently polished pointed crown guard case is excellent showing sharp prominent bevels and only light wear from use. The bezel is also in excellent condition showing significant fading to the red portion of the insert and only very light wear.

Dial: The glossy gilt dial shows light wear from use and has taken on an extensive and even speckling patina across its surface. The gilt and silver printing remains glossy and bold. The lume has aged to a warm creamy hue with the 12 o'clock marker aging slightly darker than the rest of the lume. The 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, and 11 o'clock lume plots are missing part of their luminous mass. The hands appear to be original except for the 24 hour hand. All 4 hands match the lume on the dial perfectly. All lume glows brightly when exposed to UV and falls off rapidly at the same rate.

Bracelet: The 12 link Swiss rivet bracelet is excellent and showing average stretch for its age. The clasp is stamped with a 1964 date code.

Accessories: None.

Notes: Some 58 odd years ago this watch was bought from the Serpico Y Laino showroom in Caracas Venezuela.

Inventory: pqum

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Year 1963
Brand Rolex
Model GMT-Master
Reference 1675
Serial 1006XXX