1966 Rolex Submariner 5513 with Gilt Tropical Dial


“Tropical Sand”

Case: Excellent case with light wear from use. The case has been polished in the past but is still thick and even. The bezel insert has faded to a dark blue/grey tone and has some light scratches from use. The caseback is stamped III. 66

Dial: The watch comes on a stunning tropical meters first glossy gilt dial that is aging to a bright golden hue. The top coat of lacquer on the dial is shiny and has developed some tiny spidering over the last 54 years. The lume has aged to a warm orange color and the lume plots are puffy and full with only the slightest chipping visible on some of the marker. The luminous material of the hands matches the dial color but glows at a slightly different rate. We think the hands have been relumed at some point.

Bracelet: Excellent USA Rivet band with 10 links and light stretch from use. The band is stamped 77 and is newer then the watch.

Accessories: None

Inventory: ouoz

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Year 1966
Brand Rolex
Model Submariner
Reference 5513
Serial 1499XXX