1968 Tudor Submariner 7016


“The Prince of Patina”

Case: Excellent case with thick prominent bevels that appear to be factory. The fat font bezel insert is excellent and is fading to a dark glossy grey tone. There is a small dent next to the 30 index. The original crystal has extensive crazing that becomes visible when viewed under bright lighting condition.

Dial: The black dial has aged to an excellent and even satin finish. There is one small stain on the edge of the dial between the 4 and 5 o'clock markers. The lume has aged to a warm creamy hue and the hands have aged slightly lighter then the dial. All lume glows brightly when exposed to UV light and falls off rapidly at the same rate.

Bracelet: New olive green Molequin strap.

Accessories: None.

Notes: Killer case, killer insert, killer dial.

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Inventory Number mv4c
Year 1968
Brand Rolex
Model Submariner
Reference 7016/0
Serial 622XXX