1960 Omega Speedmaster CK 2998-1 with Extract of Records


“Pre-Moon ”

Case: The straight lug case is excellent showing a semi sleeve polished finish and some wear from use. The black dot over 90 bezel is also in excellent condition showing some wear from use.

Dial: The dial has aged to a rich vibrant chocolate hue with a slight graduation to the tonality. The dial shows only very light wear for its age. The lume has aged to vibrant golden hue and the original hands have aged much darker than the dial. All lume glows brightly when exposed to UV and falls off rapidly at the same rate.

Bracelet: The Omega 20 link stretch bracelet is excellent showing average stretch for its age. The clasp is stamped with a 1959 date code.

Accessories: Extract of Records.

Notes: This straight lug pre-moon Speedmaster has one of the most stunning dials we've ever seen on a speedmaster.

Inventory: krls

Details   +
Year 1960
Brand Omega
Model Speedmaster
Reference 2998-1
Serial 17.302.XXX