1966 Rolex Submariner 5512 with 4 Line Gilt Dial


“Brown Bezel Gloss Dial ”

The mid 60's was a fun time for many things including the last series of glossy gilt Rolex sport dials. The surface of the dial is ultra glossy with extremely light wear that is only visible in a few tiny spots at a sharp angle. The print retains its deep color and both the lume on the dial and the hands match beautiful and react identically under UV light. The original bezel has faded to a medium light brown tone which makes the dial pop even more. The case is still thick and even and has been worn to a slightly shiny finish by the original owner. The watch comes on a lightly stretched US rivet bracelet with 12 links (2 are loose and can be sized back into the band).

The original owner of the watch worked for Capitol Records for his entire career. In 1966 The Beatles created "Revolver", Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys created "Pet Sounds", and Rolex created this beautiful watch. You can almost hear the music when you put this masterpiece on your wrist.

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Inventory Number ioin
Year 1966
Brand Rolex
Model Submariner
Reference 5512
Serial 1361XXX