1958 Rolex GMT Master 6542 Gilt Dial



Case: The recently polished case features wide, sharp, prominent bevels and shows only light wear from use. The Bakelite bezel insert is in very good condition with light to average wear. The blue has aged to a dark navy blue hue and the red has aged to a medium brick red.

Dial: The dial has aged to a satin black and shows very subtle spider cracking and marbling patina. The lume has aged to a warm sandy hue. The hands appear to be a few years newer than the watch and have aged and patinaed just slightly lighter than the dial. The dial glows dimly when exposed to UV and the hands do not react.

Bracelet: The 11 link USA stretch bracelet is excellent and tight.

Accessories: None.

Notes: The first completely synthetic plastic, Bakelite found its way into everything from Rolex bezels to AK-47 magazines. Because it was so quickly surpassed by newer and superior materials, Bakelite has a distinct mid-century look and feel.

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Inventory Number cxlj
Year 1958
Brand Rolex
Model GMT Master
Reference 6542
Serial 397XXX