1963 Rolex Submariner 5513 with Gilt Underline Dial


Case: The pointed crown guard case has been polished in the past and features wide and prominent bevels. The bezel insert is also in excellent condition and has aged to a deep navy blue hue showing only light wear from use.

Dial: The excellent gilt underline dial has aged with an extensive and even pattern of speckling patina and in addition has a beautiful foggy quality to the lacquer which shows tones of golds and blues. The lume plots have aged to a warm sandy hue and the hands have been relumed and color-matched to the dial.

Bracelet: Excellent 11 link swiss rivet bracelet with very light stretch for its age. The clasp is stamped with a 1968 date code.

Accessories: Caseback indicates a 2021 service from True Patina.

Notes: Clusters of galaxies, nebulous clouds of gasses and elementary particles, a deep look millions of light-years into the distant past of the universe.

Inventory: bnvv

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Year 1963
Brand Rolex
Model Submariner
Reference 5513
Serial 892XXX