Rolex Submariner 5508 Red Triangle


“Red Triangle”

Case: Excellent case with thick prominent bevels shows a semi sleeve polished appearance. The black bezel insert is also in excellent condition and shows very light wear for its age. The red triangle is still bright and has faded only lightly over the years. The outer caseback is stamped "Stainless Steel".

Dial: The glossy gilt dial has faded to a dark chocolate hue and shows some subtle spidering and some slightly more prominent speckling patina from age. The text and chapter ring retain their original bright glossy appearance. The lume plots have aged to a warm sandy hue and glow brightly when exposed to UV. The patina varies on the original hands. The hour hand appears to be transitioning from a warm sandy patina that matches the dial to a bright black patina. The minute and second hand have aged to a bright black patina.

Bracelet New tan Molequn strap.

Accessories: None.

Notes: 1958 was an eventful year. A newly created NASA launches the first US satellite into orbit, The Guggenheim Museum opens in New York City, A young Paul Newman stars across from Elizabeth Taylor in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", and the craftsmen and artisans at Rolex in Geneve Switzerland crank out this remarkably well-aged Red Triangle 5508.

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Inventory Number 8xw6
Year 1958
Brand Rolex
Model Submariner
Reference 5508
Serial 400XXX