1959 Rolex GMT 6542 with Bakelite Bezel


“Coming in HOT ”

Case: Excellent thick case with even light wear. The Bakelite bezel has light cracking but no major damage which is quite remarkable for how fragile these are. The caseback is stamped III. 59

Dial: Just an amazing glossy 6542 dial. The dial is ultra glossy and the print is bright and sharp. Rarely if ever do these dials retain this much sharpness and gloss. The hands glow brighter under UV than the dial and are just a little lighter in tone. The watch reads very hot under the geiger counter.

Bracelet: Excellent newer Swiss rivet band with 11 links and 58 end links. The clasp is stamped 1. 65

Accessories: The feeling that you have one of the best 6542 watches out there.

Inventory: 7uhk

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Year 1959
Brand Rolex
Model GMT
Reference 6542
Serial 482XXX