2021 Rolex 18K WG GMT-Master II 126719 White Meteorite Dial with Box and Papers


“Meteorite ”

Case: The 18k white gold case is excellent showing extremely light wear. The factory protective stickers are still in place on the crown guards. The blue and red bezel insert is also in excellent condition showing no visible wear.

Dial: The meteorite dial is mint and the original factory hands are matching.

Bracelet: The 11.5 link 18K white gold Oyster bracelet is excellent showing no stretch and only extremely light wear.

Accessories: Box and Papers.

Notes: Roughly 4 billion years ago a meteoroid that was most likely formed as part of an exploding star or in the molten core of a doomed asteroid began its millennia-long journey towards earth. Three billion four hundred million later that meteoroid hits earths atmosphere over what we now call Nambia breaking into small pieces as it fell to the surface. 600 million years after that (give or take a few years) Rolex purchased some of the pieces from this ancient space fairing traveler and crafted them into some of the rarest and most certainly the oldest dials in existence.

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Inventory Number 7udy
Year 2021
Brand Rolex
Model GMT-Master II
Reference 126719
Serial 21X34XXX