1963 Rolex PCG Submariner 5512 with Gilt Underline Dial



“Pointed Crown Guard Underline ”

Case: Thick and sharp pointed crown guard case with wide prominent bevels. The fat font bezel insert has faded to a light grey tone and the pearl is intact.

Dial: Very good gilt underline dial with some hand drag present around the centerpost. There is also some patina present around the edge of the dial. The lume plot and hands glows brightly when exposed to UV light and falls off rapidly at the same rate which is correct for this dial. There is also some light chipping to the lume plots on the dial.

Bracelet: Newer 11 link 78360 bracelet with light stretch. The clasp is stamped with a 1978 date code.

Accessories: None.

Notes: A very uncommon and early non chapter ring 4 line underline 5512.

Inventory Number: 1hpi

Year: 1963

Brand: Rolex

Model: Submariner

Reference: 5512

Serial: 990XXX